Quality Control Mechanism



The Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana envisages a three- tier Quality Control & Quality Monitoring mechanism.

In the first tier PIU exercise the quality control by carrying out the stipulated tests in the laboratories at site and entering the test results in the prescribed Quality control Register.

The second tier quality control is implemented through State Quality Coordinator. Inspections of works are exercised through retired senior officers, empanelled as State Quality Monitors. SQMs submit detailed inspection report in prescribed format specifically outlining the incorporation of Quality Controls by first tier as per specifications. Detailed guidelines are provided to SQMs for selection of works for inspections form the works available for inspections.

The third tier quality control is exercised through National Quality Monitors (NQMs) appointed by the NRRDA. Every month NRRDA prepares as schedule of inspections by NQMs who carry out the inspection in the designated districts. The programme is made available on OMMAS also. Selections of works of inspection are done by NQMs on the basis of certain guidelines of the NRRDA. Grading of the works on the basis of inspection reports of the NQMs is carried out by NRRDA and same is intimated to UPRRDA.

Operationalization of Second Tier Quality Mechanism

  1. Appointment of SQMs: The State has appointed adequate number of SQMs to ensure minimum three inspections of every road work. 
  2. Instructions have been issued to the Senior Officers (Chief Engineer, Superintending Engineers) to ensure visit on-going works (minimum 05 visits in a month each by the Superintending Engineer and Chief Engineer separately) and also record their observations in relevant inspection registers as directed in the Manual. The standardized format to ensure compliance as para-11.4.5 of Operation Manual has also been issued.
  3. Custom software and hand held mobile application software has been developed to keep a track of the inspections, receipts of inspection reports from NQMs, SQMs. The application has provision to record the items and specific para on which action is required, to be recorded by the State Quality Co-ordinator /SQC staff. The inspection reports, ATR required, action taken and analysis of the quality issues would be carried out using this software.